Part of the Boot Camp regime is to write down what you eat & drink everyday. For Maximum Weight Loss, you should have No Carbohydrates after 3pm. Fat burning requires long periods of time with low blood sugar, so eating low-carb after 3pm gives your body this needed time and optimal body chemistry.

So for Extreme Weight Loss, don’t eat these after 3pm:

* No bread
* No rice
* No potatoes
* No beans
* No corn
* No pasta
* No cereal
* No bananas
* No melons
* No grapes or raisins
* No pineapple
* No sugar

Just eat protein and veggies after 3pm.

The Boot Camp staff also suggests these for faster weight loss:

* Eat immediately after the Boot Camp session, when your cells are most receptive to taking in fuel. Most of your meal will go to your muscles and not to your waist…
* If you drink caffeine, drink it before Boot Camp. Caffeine is a powerful ergogenic aid, which means it will help you burn more fat, work harder and have better performance overall.
* Eat nuts, in very small quantities before a meal to curb your appetite.
* Don’t drink empty calorie beverages. Get all your calories from good healthy food
* Avoid Alcohol. It lowers your metabolism.
* Keep a daily food log to get the best results from your efforts. When you track what and when you are eating you get a more complete profile of how your training is effected by your food intake.
* Drinking Green Tea, may help boost your metabolism & help to burn fat. Its also full of antioxidants.
* Get lots of Sleep. Adequate makes it easier to eat right and helps your muscles recover faster

Boot Camp Nutrition Priorities:

1. Eat Often. Every day eat 3 meals plus 3 snacks. Eating every 3-5 hours is best for your blood suagr, metabolism, energy levels and fat-burning.
2. Eat Light. Eat only enough to support your energy needs til your next meal or snack.
3. Eat unprocessed foods. Choose Organic Whole Foods from nature.
4. Eat Protein. Getting Protein at eveyr meal will help maintain lean tissue, elevate metabolism and keep hunger at bay.

What to Eat – Whole Natural Foods from Nature

1. Veggies: Eat them raw, steamed, grilled, roasted or otherwise without adding oil or butter. Eat Lots!
2. Fruits. Eat all kinds but avoid fruit juice or dried fruit because they are too calorie dense.
3. Lean Meats & Proteins. These will help you hang onto your lean tissue as you lose fat. Serving size is the palm of your hand.
4. Low-Fat or Non-Fat Dairy. If you digest dairy well, its a convenient way to get some protein & nutrients.
5. The Good Carbs: Whole Grains, Beans & Starchy Vegetables. Eat small amounts of low glycemic carbs, since every cup is about 200 calories. You need at least some carbs in your diet, since your brain uses about 450 calories per day.
6. Nuts, Seeds, Healthy Fats Eat in small quantities. Research shows that people tend to lose more weight & keep it off if they consume 1/4 cup of nuts per day.

Killer Boot Camp No No’s List – Foods to avoid at all cost during Boot Camp:

* Alcohol
* Bacon & Sausage (unless lean turkey)
* Butter, Margarine & Mayonnaise
* Whole Milk, Cream, Creamy Soups, Dressings, esp. Caesar Salad Dressing
* All Cheese, unless low fat
* All Sweets, Cookies, Cakes, Candy
* Croissants, Scones & White Breads
* Fast Food & Fried Foods
* Ice Cream, Milk Shakes & Frozen Yogurt ( unless fat & sugar free)
* Lamb & Veal
* Movie Theatre Popcorn
* Pizza