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Through High Intensity Strength Training & Healthy Food Choices

Why this is the number one way to get rid of belly fat

Why this is the number one way to get rid of belly fat Have you ever wondered why – despite all your dieting efforts – you keep gaining belly fat? As you age, it becomes more challenging to keep excess inches off your abdomen and abdominal fat is fat you don’t want...

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Paleo Works, but only if you do it

"Paleo works, but only if you do it", says Robb Wolf one of the leading authorities on the Paleo Solution, the Original Human Diet. One of the questions I can imagine "healthy" people might ask ( like I did) is why do I need to this "diet" and what will the benefits...

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Want to Get Fit? Choose the Right Fitness Plan

If you want to lose weight, stop doing your 5 mile runs or your hour-long treadmill sessions and replace them with high-intensity interval training or Cross Fit training instead. One of the reasons why people continue to struggle with their weight despite engaging in...

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Paleo Challenge… I won’t starve to death will I?

My Cross Fit Trainer has this to say in answer to this question..."Many are so wedded to their current ways that they will disparage it because it is so threatening to the current prevailing ethos ("everything is okay in moderation," "people just eat too damn much",...

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The End of Overeating: Sugar, Fat & Salt

The End of Overeating: Sugar, Fat & Salt A Book Review There is a new book out called: The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite by David Kessler, MD David Kessler is a former FDA commissioner who reinvented the food label and tackled...

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Be Thankful, Buy Local & Consume Less

Back in the day, around 1621 to be exact, it has been estimated that the Pilgrims ate about 550 calories per person on Thanksgiving Day. Today the average person will consume about 2,000-to-3,000-calories for their turkey meal. Even though food was scarce, the...

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Tips for Effective Core Training

Are you sure that you are getting everything you can out of your core routine? With all of the new developments in core training, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest and most effective tools and techniques. Though the core has become a mainstream concept, most...

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I am a grandma & everyone thinks I am her mom instead…

Danielle's fabulous story of courage and transformation.... "I gained weight after being in an abusive marriage. .I turned to food 4 comfort...I went to the doctor& they said I was morbidly obese & knew I had to take my life back for my kids..I had 2 little ones..got...

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Why You Should Start Your Fat Loss Regime with a Colon Cleanse

Like many people at the New Year, I'll bet some of your goals include: lose weight, burn fat, get fit, get stronger or any number of things. Well I would add to that list, Do a Colon Cleanse and here's why. Since about 80 percent of your immune system is located in...

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Start your Fat Burning with a Real Food Detox

In order for your body to BURN FAT, you need to eliminate the toxins first with a Nutrient-Rich Whole Food Detox. You may be burning fat but if you haven’t done a detox you are not getting rid of the toxins that have built up in your body. The Secret to Eliminating...

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Feel better by modifying your diet based on your body type

What should you believe these days when everywhere you look there are contradictions in every nutrition & health book and article you read? Your Mom tells you one thing, your friend tells you another & then you read something else in a health magazine. Most advice...

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Exercising on an empty stomach can boost muscle building

Working out on an empty stomach can boost your overall health and fitness. Simply skip breakfast and exercise first thing in the morning and then have a protein recovery meal 30 minutes after your workout. Whether you choose to exercise on an empty stomach or not,...

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The Juice of Life – Holly’s Story

Juicing has been used for years to rid the body of toxins, promote physical well-being and encourage mental clarity. Since 95% of vitamins come from the juice of fruits and vegetables, no amount of synthetic medicines or supplements can ever match the power of the...

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7 Exercise Myths

Myth #1: Weight Training Will Make Women Look Too Bulky Many women ignore strength training because they don't want to "bulk up." This is a mistake, as gaining more muscle has many benefits, from losing excess fat to maintaining healthy bone mass, and preventing...

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