Change Your Brain, Change Your Body is a new book written by Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D., who is a clinical neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and brain imaging expert. He supports the scientific evidence that introduced the concept that your mind has a very powerful influence on your appearance, your moods, stress levels and overall health. He gives solutions to help you boost your brain functions so you can get and keep the body that you’ve always wanted.

A friend recently turned me onto this book, and I’ve found the material in it fascinating. Dr Amen has conducted over 55,000 SPECT brain scans to check on the health of people’s brains. What he has found from all of that research is quite enlightening. The notion that by healing your brain you can heal your body is quite amazing. When your brain works right, your body looks and feels better. When your brain is troubled, you have trouble with how you look and feel.

He talks about regaining control over the parts of your brain which control certain aspects, such as the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) which is involved with focus, judgment & impulse control, or the Basal ganglia which controls pleasure & motivation & the Deep limbic involved with behavior triggers.

One thing he stresses is that in order to control things like weight management you need to determine how your brain is affecting your body. Why people have such poor results in weight loss programs is that one treatment, one program or one method don’t work for everyone.

On his website he has questionnaire to help you start the process of figuring out what type of weight management issue you have and then how to tailor your brain health regime to achieve your goals. This tool is the beginning of optimizing the brain-body connection. “Dr. Amen realizes that not everyone is able to get a brain scan to check on the health of his or her brain. So, in order to bring the life-changing information that he has learned through his imaging work to the most people, he has developed a series of questionnaires to help predict the areas of strengths and vulnerabilities of the brain.”

Change Your Brain, Change Your Body by Dr. Amen, M.D.