In Cross Fit lingo, the Workout of the Day is called a WOD. Everything has its acronyms. If you are new to Cross Fit, check out What is Cross Fit?.

Photo credit: Luis Albuquerque

Also, If many or most of the exercises are relatively or completely unknown to you, then it is recommended that you begin learning the movements for a month or two until you can either perform the common exercises or have substitutions worked out for those movements under development. This is a great place to begin for anyone with little or no experience with serious weightlifting or gymnastics.

Cross Fit is a “minimalist program” and this is reflected by the functionality and limited number of exercises and the simplicity of the equipment used compared to most commercial gyms.

I workout with certified Cross Fit trainers in my local park 3 times/week. I’ve been doing this for the last 9 months and I have noticed significant improvement in every aspect of my body, my fitness, weight loss, flexibility, conditioning, stamina and just general overall well being. It has been amazing to me how this simple, high intensity, short burst workout can transform people. I am so thrilled with my overall health & fitness now that I am a firm believer in the power of this fitness regime. I drank the cool aid and its working…

So today’s workout started with a half hour warm up which included 2 sets of stairs & lunges, some burpees, pushups, & then our yoga/stretching poses.

The WOD is 5 rounds, each round is:

  • 15x 35 pound kettle bell swings,
  • 8x sitting ring pull-ups
  • 200 Meter Run

Cash out at the end is 15 burpees. Approximately 15 minutes, going for time.

This is a question on the Cross Fit website:Is the WOD Enough? Should I do more?

A. Part of the crossfit philosophy includes pursuing/learning another sport or activity, and many crossfitters are also martial artists and competitive athletes in a variety of disciplines. However, if you work the WODs hard, you will find yourself at an improved level of fitness, and for lots of us, the WOD is our primary “sport.”

If you pursue another activity, you will need to balance your work/rest cycles and be sure to allow for recovery. Sometimes, you will need extra days off or to consider a WOD as “active rest” done at a lower intensity.

Have a great workout and remember, just showing up is more then half the battle…

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