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Mary Dent, is 53. She is a mother of three, and a personal trainer. Mary-dent

Mary’s advice to women over 50 that want a body like hers…….

“Have a goal. It’s never too late to start working out. Get a medical clearance, especially if weight is an issue.”
“Next, they should hire a personal trainer or just have someone show them how to use the exercise equipment properly to prevent injury and to gain the most benefit. If someone wants to compete at this age, they should seek a coach in this sport who is able to give them guidance and encouragement.”

Mary…..”many women get discouraged after starting an exercise program because they do not see an immediate change or the scale doesn’t change, but it takes time to start seeing these changes.”
“I always tell my clients that they have to be patient. It’s important to forgo the scale, paying more attention to the fit of clothing and how you feel.”

Mary: “I am in meMary-dentnopause, which also causes many women to deposit fat in lower abs and thighs and can also affect your metabolism, making it more challenging. Discipline is key! You have to stay away from soda, sweets and fried foods. I try to do this year round”
“If I have any of these things, it is in small amounts and only occasional, but never while getting ready for a competition. Alcohol also has sugar and is processed in your liver so it should also be consumed in small quantities.”



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