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Have you ever wondered what a fat loss expert and bodybuilder like Tom Venuto
has in his kitchen?

Does he have ice cream hidden in his freezer? 🙂

What’s in his kitchen cupboards?

What appliances does Tom use to create his tasty (and waist-line friendly)
‘Burn The Fat-Approved’ Recipes?

‘Chef Venuto’ recently allowed filmaker Steve Yu into his kitchen and this rare, impromptu
video tour will give you an insider’s peek
into the culinary world of Tom Venuto (who
by the way claims to be a “Kitchen Dummy.”)
Check out what’s in Tom’s Refrigerator >>

Tom and hist Site Manager Kyle Battis have
added this video the FR.EE PREVIEW section
of the Inner Circle so that members and
Non-members alike can take advantage of
this raid of Tom’s kitchen.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video!

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