Welcome to Fit Women Over 40. In 2003, I started to research articles & books to help me transition from being a young fit athlete into becoming an Over 40 fit and healthy athlete. In the process, I discovered that with the information I collected and gathered together that it may help some others going through such a transition as well. So I created the Fit Women Over 40 website and then this blog to gather all of what I’ve found into one single place. In the Fit Women website and Blog pages will you find information, articles, stories, photos and videos for staying in shape after and well beyond your years past 40.

Sailing on San Francisco Bay

In addition, since my friends & I and even my Mother are a collective of healthy fit women over 40, I will include their stories, adventures and personal experiences as well, because we are all on the path to knowing as much as we can about keeping fit and aging well. Together we will report the latest findings, the best exercises and the best ways for you to have keep fit and stay healthy. We’ll take you through boot camps and cross fit workouts, rows across the Pacific, paddles in the Bay, all with the goal to help each other gain insight into building strength and mobility in our bodies & minds.

Why 40? Well for most women it’s when your body’s metabolism starts to slow down, you notice an extra pound or 2 adding to your waistline and you just don’t seem to have the energy that you used to have. Many women athletes over 40 know that feeling of not being able to train as hard as they’d like and having trouble in your busy life with eating a healthy diet. I wanted this website to be a wealth of articles & information specifically geared towards women over 40, 50 and 60 and above. Women at all ages have different needs and issues related to their on-going fitness and health.

Solo Outrigger Canoeing under the Golden Gate Bridge

Who Am I? Well turning 40, for me was the beginning of a very noticeable change in my body ( gaining extra weight, & having to watch what I ate) and a slowing down in my abilities as an athlete. I was an Up State New York country girl turned athlete at a young age, competing in softball and tennis ( Billie Jean King was my idol then ) while still in grade school. In high school, I won numerous awards competing in 5 different sports every year til I graduated. Off at college, I became a Division 1 Field Hockey player on a full ride scholarship, our best year was 6th in the Nation. Then right after college when I moved to the SF Bay Area, I joined the Cal All-Blues Rugby Team and eventually played for the U.S. National Women’s Rugby Team and was capped as an Eagle. After 17 years of rugby, I moved onto getting my skipper’s credentials for sailboats and for the last 8 years have competed as an outrigger canoe racer and a ranked USTA tennis player.


In January of 2009, I also discovered Cross Fit Training, and subsequently the Paleo Diet, both which I absolutely love. With Cross Fit I have worked out at 6am for 3 days/week at for the last 23 months, I have toned my body, lost body fat, &  increased my strength and confidence in my physical abilities once again. I am more agile, flexible and the combination of Cross Fit & Paleo has given me a marked decrease in my overall body metrics.

I one thing I advocate is to Get Your Blood Work done. This way you will have some metrics to show you that Paleo is actually working on your insides, go to your doctor or clinic and order your blood work. I get mine done every year and its a fairly simple process. Read Robb Wolf’s book or ask your doctor what all of the different aspects of the blood work mean. But mainly you will be comparing your LDL Cholesterol (Bad) vs. HDL Cholesterol (Good)  levels, your Triglycerides, which are a measure of your circulating blood fats, Glucose levels, Glycated hemoglobin ( or A1C), which is a measure of how much sugar is sticking to your red blood cells,  and C-reactive protein or CRP is a marker of systemic inflammation.

Now that I am Over 50, I have a better appreciation of what it takes to stay healthy & fit as we grow older. I still want to compete with the best of them and I don’t want my body, my mind or my health to slow me down. There is a wealth of knowledge to be found on this subject but there is also all kinds of hype and crap to sort through as well. People are always trying to sell you something or push some product on you. So part of my mantra has been to only suggest products, books, supplements or herbs if I or someone I know has tested them, or used them. Check out my Recommended Products Page.

This is my personal passion and so I spend a lot time helping my family & friends with anything they have questions on. My ultimate goal is to share, encourage and contribute to your overall well-being.

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Play hard, enjoy life…

Deborah Dennis
Fit Women Editor
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