The number one reason you lift weights or do strength training.

In Feb of 2018, we asked the Fit Women Over 40 Private Facebook Group  to tell us Who Are All These Phenomenal Women in our group. Over 500 of you responded and we want to share some of that inspiration with the group


What is the number one reason you lift weights or do strength training?

“I love how lifting weights make me feel. It literally makes my brain work more smoothly.”
“Love feeling and looking strong.”
“Want to be healthy, not become a burden as I grow older.”
“It’s not a proper workout without them.”
“For better quality of life and to be around longer for my kids. I’m an older mom.”
“It makes me feel good and gives me confidence that overflows into other areas of life.”
“To be strong and build lean muscle.”
“Because I look younger. Less wrinkles and my butt is perky.”
“To get fit, supplement my cardio routines (I was running lots, but not doing any strength training).”
“I want to be strong for the rest of my life! I am a nurse and see elderly people who can barely or maybe not even at all walk up stairs, only because they are so conditioned. I do NOT want to be that person!!”
“To be strong. To keep fit, maintain muscle mass and lose excess fat.”
“Because of the many benefits of weight training. Plus I love how it makes me feel. And look.”
“I love the fit, athletic look and love being strong.”
“First it was to stay fit but now I enjoy it. It’s “my” time and it empowers me and part of my life.”
“Because I love the way it makes me feel.”
“To gain more upper body strength.”
“Honestly…to look good…and to FEEL better physically. (not tired, no sore joints, etc.)”
“To stay healthy and strong. Look and feel better.”
“To not get the crazy (stress) out. ??”
“Lifting weights or strength training is the fountain of youth.”
“To improve strength, mobility and mental well being.”
“I like how it makes me feel strong physically and mentally.”
“Health and self confidence.”
“To stay strong and prevent injury and disease.”
“So I can get up off the toilet unassisted when I’m 80! Also my husband has a chronic debilitating condition & I have to do all the strength related stuff in our lives.”
“To help me have the energy required to keep up with my child!”
“To be stronger for everyday life.”
“Weight lifting is the fountain of youth, it keeps you healthy. I’m 48 been lifting for 20years. Love being strong!”
“Muscle definition.”
“At nearly 60 it’s “use it or lose it” and I don’t want to lose it”
“For my own health.”
“To keep muscle to burn more calories at rest and to help with bone loss as you age.”
“It has transformed me mentally and physically in ways I never thought possible.”
“It gives definition to my muscles and I’ve read that this helps building strong bones, which I definitely need now that I am in my 60’s!”
“Lose weight and body transformation.”
“I have scoliosis and I want to stay as pain free as possible and stay strong.”
“As a 61 year old I consider it important to keep fit and active and build lean muscle.”
“To slow down aging.”
“To be stronger both mentally and physically.”
“Gain muscle mass and increase strength.”
“Cardio is boring!!”
“To look good. To be stronger = independence.”
“To build muscle and loose fat. To complete a pull up and hopefully compete.”
“I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and that was my wake up call to change my lifestyle. I started eating healthier and lost 40 lbs. on my own with the support & help from my hubby. Once I lost the weight, then I started wanting building muscle. I have been strength training for 2 years, have built muscle and continue to want more muscle. I love this lifestyle and I will never go back!”
“Gain muscle to feel good and look better.”
“Because it almost eliminates my chronic joint pain.”
“It feels good. I like being strong, especially as I get older.”
“I’ve heard it’s good for you. I have always done cardio and last January incorporated weight training.”
“Noticeable results in physique and energy. Equally important is the therapeutic value to build mental strength and simultaneously relieve mental stress. Thanks for all the time you have put into this site. It is extremely encouraging!”
“I love it.”
“I haven’t started but I’m hoping it will help with energy levels and staying fit while aging.”
“Mindset. It makes me feel stronger not only physically but mentally to take on what ever gets put in my path.”
“It makes me feel strong.”
“I’m 50 and want to look fit.”
“I don’t yet, but my goal is to reshape my body. I have lost 62 pounds but still “soft”.”
“Because it makes me feel amazing!”
“I like the look of a toned body.”
“I love the feeling of focus and power.”
“Vanity. Health reasons. I’m going to get better with time!”
“Because I enjoy it and for my health.”
“Build muscle & transform body.”
“I am hooked! I love the changes I’ve seen and felt. I love feeling strong and healthy! I was overweight and had extremely high blood pressure and weight training and a healthy fit lifestyle has changed my life.”
“I look and feel better!”
“To build muscle.”
“To get strong and have a body I love and admire.”
“Weight loss/toning up from previous weight loss.”
“To stay mobile and active as I age. Health reasons!”
“To be strong in my own body.”
“To condition myself for success and to be the very best version of myself for me.”
“It makes me feel good emotionally and physically to lift. It’s been part of my lifestyle for 30 years.”
“Avoid aging body and menopausal weight gain.”
“I like having a buff bod!”
“To sculpt the body I want and feel good in.”
“Because I love feeling strong and it keeps me energized.”
“To feel fit in myself so that I have quality of life and can live life fully – even more so, the older I get!”
“Health – diabetic and the visceral fat percentage is way to high.”
“So when I’m 100 I can take care of myself! (And to look good – my husband appreciates my hard work in the gym.;)”
“I am driven to do it and it is good for me on every level: everything starts with health. its hard to not just say everything because it’s good for mood, stress reduction, brain health, memory, confidence, looks, agility, sexiness, youthfulness, and so many other functional things.”
“It feels like accomplishment, and i like working hard and letting my inner beast come out and be challenged!”
“Functionality and the freedom to be able to do the things I love.”
“Because it makes me feel stronger not only physically, but mentally and emotionally!”
“I’m no wimpy chick.”
“To feel confident and strong in my body.”
“I like feeling strong and I want to stay in shape so I can still swim in the ocean when I’m 80!”
“To fight aging ~ to Feel Good as well as look good to empower both my body and soul.”
“General health. I’m 56–we need muscle to help us not break. :-)”
“Being stronger makes me feel better, both inside and out.”
“Seeing how ‘old’ my mother looks and don’t want to be like that as I age.”
“To be healthy & strong to keep up with my family.”
“To feel good about myself. To feel strong and have longevity.”
“It makes me a better mommy.”
“Build muscle & strengthen bones.”
“It’s really for my health as I get older.”
“I’ve always said because I love it, it’s my passion and lifestyle – which is still very much true – but nowadays, I’ll add: to fight my autoimmune disease!”
“Just started = to get stronger.”
“To be strong and try to maintain a decent metabolism.”
“To stay physically active in my later years. I see my parents’ health issues and want to prevent that. Also, to be healthy enough to look after my parents as they age.”
“To be strong and have a kick ass body.”
“It is important as we age to maintain strength and bone density. I don’t want To become frail and incapable of everyday activities someday.”
“When you getting older you loose your muscles. I want to prevent it. And even more want to be stronger then I was then I was younger.”
“It’s something in my life that I can control.”
“Strength body transformation.”
“I feel amazing when I do. I love seeing muscles and being stronger. Just being able to do everyday tasks because I am stronger is my favorite.”
“To relieve mental stress.”
“I am at the peri menopause stage and weight/strength training has helped me a lot. I feel a lot stronger now.”
“I want to live a long and healthy life.”
“To look and feel good about myself! My mum died of HBP, both my young sisters are not very healthy and hate exercising..l do not want to be unhealthy or live without exercising.”
“One it challenges me and above all it keeps me healthy and looking awesome.”
“To build muscle and burn more calories.”
I”’m trying to increase my muscle mass.”
“It makes me feel good.”
“I’m insecure. Hate looking in a mirror.”
“To be the best I can be for me.”
“Look hot and feel confident.”
“I am 58 years old. I want my heart to be strong as well as my body. I lift because I love it and I want to see what I am made of because I am only 5’2 and small boned.”
“Keeps me fit and strong!”
“Because I found peace in it and fell in love with training feel like in my 49’s I finally found me.”
“I feel amazing on the inside and truly love it.”
“Stay strong and healthy! It makes me feel confident.”
“Because it’s something I enjoy and keeps me off medication.”
“Long term health and vitality.”
“A recent breast cancer scare was my motivation to lose weight and build strength incase I need further surgery.”
“To challenge myself.”
“To better me as I age!!!”
“To gain strength no muscle so I am not couch bound as I age.”
“Because cardio alone does not get me to my goals and I like to be strong.”
“It may “hurt” while I am doing it but, the results more than make up for it! Being healthy just makes me happy.”
“Prevent the aging process.”
“To keep my bones and body strong.”
“For ME”
“Stay mobile and active, carry my own bags and be able to lift my heavy carry on into the overhead compartment on a plane!”
“I was sick, I lost all strength and gained a lot of weight. I want to be strong and healthy now. It means the most to me!”
“My weight has always been up and down. When I see pictures of myself, I want to vomit because you can see my fat rolls and I want them gone. I want a body to be proud of and work hard for. I need to stay healthy for my family and show them that hard work does get you rewards.”

“To be a strong woman.”

“I don’t know, to be more bad ass and cause it’s fun”

“Because I like the way I feel when I’m strong.”

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