About Fit Women Over 40



Fit Women Over 40 is a strength training and fitness community of women who desire to live a fit and healthy lifestyle after 40. This website addresses the unique concerns that women have getting fit and staying fit as we mature. We all know that things change with our bodies after 40 and we seek to provide insight into the mental, emotional and physical well being of our bodies as we age.

OUR MISSION is to present a new view of women aging beautifully with an increased level of body strength and fitness, including muscle definition, that you don’t typically see in mature women today. Not all women over 40 aspire to be “body builders” but many do want a muscular physique to keep their skeletal structure strong and healthy as our bodies age.

OUR GOAL is to inspire and motivate more women over 40 to be fit by showing them who these fit women are and how they got that way. Our content includes personal transformational stories, before and after photos and video interviews of women sharing how they have become strong and fit through strength training. We aspire to make strong women the norm and not the acceptation.

WE CREATED THIS SITE  because many fitness websites are tailored towards younger women, and most show only lean, fit young women’s bodies. We have scoured the internet to find women who are quietly and passionately being part of this movement. Our intention is to bring together as a community all of you amazing women out there who have worked hard for your amazing bodies. But it’s MOSTLY for those women who have a DESIRE to do the work it takes look like or be as strong, fit and healthy as the women you’ll meet on these pages. We are each others inspiration and motivation to keep moving, to keep working out and to keep on track towards our goals, whatever they may be.

My Remote Lifestyle

Over the last couple of decades, my career as a freelance UX Designer has been to design delightful & easy to use experiences for complex online products.

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I enjoy a very flexible lifestyle, as many knowledge workers do, so when I hit the road in my Airstream work lifestyle, I still needed some adjustments. Finding WiFi, setting up a mobile office, and trip planning to include Zoom calls became the challenging parts of my new remote work life.


We are NOT doctors or a nutritionists. This website is NOT meant to be a substitute for any professional guidance or counseling. It is NOT intended to serve as or take the place of medical or nutrition advice from a physician.