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Why this is the number one way to get rid of belly fat

Why this is the number one way to get rid of belly fat Have you ever wondered why – despite all your dieting efforts – you keep gaining belly fat? As you age, it becomes more challenging to keep excess inches off your abdomen and abdominal fat is...

Burn The Fat Inner Circle

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Best Body Weight Workouts for Beginners

Body Weight Training for Beginners FREE 4 Week Program for BEGINNERS Featuring Jen Sinkler. She has 13 years as a fitness editor, writer and personal trainer, with another two full decades also training as an athlete (many of those on the U.S. national rugby team)....

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Short Intense Kettlebell Workouts

Kettebell Training Exercises for Beginners This is a great workout to do when time or equipment are is limited. Remember, the faster you work (shorter rest) the more of a fat loss/metabolic workout it will be. Slower/heavier load will be more strength focused. BodyFit...

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The 10 Habits of Reasonably Fit Women Over 40

The 10 Habits of Reasonably Fit Women Over 40 Defining fitness is not an easy task. Everyone it seems has their own interpretations and definitions. There are lots of lists which promote the best habits of those who are already fit. Basic ideas such as “eat breakfast...

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The Top 5 SuperFoods for Increased Energy & Total Health

Stop taking petroleum-chemical-based vitamin and mineral supplements and start eating these super-concentrated, nutrient-rich foods. What are “SuperFoods”? SuperFoods have the ability to tremendously increase your energy levels, they boost the immune system, elevate...

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Interview with Bonnie Sprinkle

Bonnie's Story Tell us briefly who you are, how “young” you are and how you got started in your fitness journey. I’m 65. Started doing a weekly stretch & tone aerobics class when I was about 30. Did these little classes for about 3 years until a gym opened in my area...

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Paleo Works, but only if you do it

"Paleo works, but only if you do it", says Robb Wolf one of the leading authorities on the Paleo Solution, the Original Human Diet. One of the questions I can imagine "healthy" people might ask ( like I did) is why do I need to this "diet" and what will the benefits...

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Interview with Super Fit Mom, Tina Smiley

Tina Smiley, 47 Super Fit Mom Hi my name is Tina. I just turned 47 in March 2016 and I’m a Mom, my boys are 24, 21, & 14. My fitness journey began about nine years ago when I started working out in my community gym. Even though I’ve never struggled with being...

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The High Fructose Corn Syrup Story

Have you seen the ads by the agribusiness public relations departments describing high-fructose corn syrup as "healthy" and "all-natural"? According to the Corn Refiners Association, high-fructose corn syrup contains the same amount of calories as cane and beet sugar,...

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