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The Inspiring Story Of Serena Williams

The Inspiring Story Of Serena Williams When we write about success stories, the idea is typically to point to women over 40 who have overcome health obstacles or demonstrated outstanding fitness that the rest of us can be inspired by. This post is a little...

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Hi, My Name is Impossible

I was sent a message though Instagram from a follower who was asking me questions about my diet and workout regimen. She proceeded to tell me that she showed her certified nutritionist pictures of me saying she wanted to look like me. Her nutritionist told her that results like that at my age are “impossible”. I would just like to shake her hand and say, “Hi, my name is Impossible”.

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500 reasons women over 40 lift weights

The number one reason you lift weights or do strength training. In Feb of 2018, we asked the Fit Women Over 40 Private Facebook Group  to tell us Who Are All These Phenomenal Women in our group. Over 500 of you responded and we want to share some of that inspiration...

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Who Are All These Phenomenal Women?!

This post may contain affiliate links, read my disclosure for more info. Purchasing from these links helps me create more epic blog content for you. Thank you for your support! Who Are All These Phenomenal Women?! In Feb of 2018, we asked the Fit Women Over 40 Private...

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Interview with Super Fit Mom, Tina Smiley

Tina Smiley, Super Fit Mom Hi my name is Tina. I just turned 48 in March 2017 and I’m a Mom, my boys are 24, 21, & 14. My fitness journey began about nine years ago when I started working out in my community gym. Even though I’ve never struggled with being...

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Short Intense Kettlebell Workouts

Kettebell Training Exercises for Beginners This is a great workout to do when time or equipment are is limited. Remember, the faster you work (shorter rest) the more of a fat loss/metabolic workout it will be. Slower/heavier load will be more strength focused. BodyFit...

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Interview with Bonnie Sprinkle

Bonnie's Story Tell us briefly who you are, how “young” you are and how you got started in your fitness journey. I’m 65. Started doing a weekly stretch & tone aerobics class when I was about 30. Did these little classes for about 3 years until a gym opened in my...

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Paleo Works, but only if you do it

"Paleo works, but only if you do it", says Robb Wolf one of the leading authorities on the Paleo Solution, the Original Human Diet. One of the questions I can imagine "healthy" people might ask ( like I did) is why do I need to this "diet" and what will the benefits...

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Holistic Tips for Fighting off the Flu

This year has seen a disturbing increase in the number of flu-related deaths in California, and it is a cause for concern, but certainly, not panic. The purpose of this article is to educate and arm you with simple, effective, natural and holistic methods to prevent...

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The High Fructose Corn Syrup Story

Have you seen the ads by the agribusiness public relations departments describing high-fructose corn syrup as "healthy" and "all-natural"? According to the Corn Refiners Association, high-fructose corn syrup contains the same amount of calories as cane and beet sugar,...

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Hi my name is Tina I just turned 47 in March and I'm a Mom, my boys are 24, 21, & 14. My fitness journey began about nine years ago when I started working out in my community gym. Even though I've never struggled with being "overweight," I was still self conscious...

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“Stop drifting, start rowing”

Our friend and fellow water person extraordinaire, Roz Savage, who is the First Woman To Row Solo Across the Pacific Ocean and has logged 11,000 miles, 3.5 million oar strokes, 352 days alone at sea, has just been officially selected as an "Adventurer of the Year" by...

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