The Top 10 Foods That Burn Fat

By Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS Anytime the topic of discussion in my blogs, articles or newsletters has turned to my own personal grocery shopping list, there has always been a spike in interest. It seems that many people are not only curious about...

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Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Have you ever wondered why – despite all your dieting and exercise efforts – you keep gaining belly fat? As you age, it becomes more challenging to keep excess inches off your abdomen and abdominal fat is fat you don’t want hanging around, literally. Your body has two...

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Best Body Weight Workouts for Beginners

Body Weight Training for Beginners FREE 4 Week Program for BEGINNERS Featuring Jen Sinkler. She has 13 years as a fitness editor, writer and personal trainer, with another two full decades also training as an athlete (many of those on the U.S. national rugby team)....

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Short Intense Kettlebell Workouts

Kettebell Training Exercises for Beginners This is a great workout to do when time or equipment are is limited. Remember, the faster you work (shorter rest) the more of a fat loss/metabolic workout it will be. Slower/heavier load will be more strength focused. BodyFit...

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The 9 Habits of Reasonably Fit Women Over 40

1. Show up everyday. I have found that 80% of the battle is being self motivated & disciplined. So work out with a team, then you'll have a good reason to show up everyday. I love the support and camaraderie of having women to compete against at my training...

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Holistic Tips for Fighting off the Flu

This 2013 year has seen a disturbing increase in the number of flu-related deaths in California, and it is a cause for concern, but certainly, not panic. The purpose of this article is to educate and arm you with simple, effective, natural and holistic methods to...

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The High Fructose Corn Syrup Story

Have you seen the ads by the agribusiness public relations departments describing high-fructose corn syrup as "healthy" and "all-natural"? According to the Corn Refiners Association, high-fructose corn syrup contains the same amount of calories as cane and beet sugar,...

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Your life will be better if…

How many times have you said, “My life will be better if…?” My life will be better IF I had more time to workout, or IF I could lose 40 pounds, or IF I could stop feeling tired all the time or IF I could get motivated to start working out again. What is your IF?...

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The End of Overeating: Sugar, Fat & Salt

The End of Overeating: Sugar, Fat & Salt A Book Review There is a new book out called: The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite by David Kessler, MD David Kessler is a former FDA commissioner who reinvented the food label and...

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Paleo Works, but only if you do it

"Paleo works, but only if you do it", says Robb Wolf one of the leading authorities on the Paleo Solution, the Original Human Diet. One of the questions I can imagine "healthy" people might ask ( like I did) is why do I need to this "diet" and what will the benefits...

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Ward off colds with regular exercise

Researchers reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine say, people who exercise regularly are less likely to get a cold. This could be because exercise helps bolster the immune system. Plus people who do regular exercise & catch a cold will have less severe...

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Tips for Effective Core Training

Are you sure that you are getting everything you can out of your core routine? With all of the new developments in core training, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest and most effective tools and techniques. Though the core has become a mainstream concept, most...

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I am a grandma & everyone thinks I am her mom instead…

Danielle's fabulous story of courage and transformation.... "I gained weight after being in an abusive marriage. .I turned to food 4 comfort...I went to the doctor& they said I was morbidly obese & knew I had to take my life back for my kids..I had 2 little...

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Why be upside down?

Handstands, hand walking, and pressing to a handstand are excellent exercises to developing your athletic potential. Even my Mom remembers doing handstands & cartwheels as a kid, yet today hand balancing seems to have fallen out of favor. Of course, we think we grow...

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Why You Should Start Your Fat Loss Regime with a Colon Cleanse

Like many people at the New Year, I'll bet some of your goals include: lose weight, burn fat, get fit, get stronger or any number of things. Well I would add to that list, Do a Colon Cleanse and here's why. Since about 80 percent of your immune system is located in...

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Why Women Need More Omega-3’s

Most people get too many omega-6 fatty acids in their diet in the form of processed oils and fast foods and not enough omega-3s. Because of this, the majority of Americans suffer from an imbalance of omega-6s to omega-3s. The ideal balance of omega-3s to omega-6s is...

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The Top 5 SuperFoods for Increased Energy & Total Health

Stop taking petroleum-chemical-based vitamin and mineral supplements and start eating these super-concentrated, nutrient-rich foods. What are “SuperFoods”? SuperFoods have the ability to tremendously increase your energy levels, they boost the immune system, elevate...

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What’s in your refrigerator?

Have you ever wondered what a fat loss expert and bodybuilder like Tom Venuto has in his kitchen? Does he have ice cream hidden in his freezer? 🙂 What's in his kitchen cupboards? What appliances does Tom use to create his tasty (and waist-line friendly) 'Burn The...

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What the new “low carb study” REALLY says

A news media feeding frenzy erupted recently when a new diet study broke in the New England Journal of Medicine... Almost all the reporters got it wrong, wrong 'WRONG!' So did most of the gloating low carb forumites and bloggers. Come to think of, almost everyone...

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Top 10 Best Brain Sports

In case you missed this, Ping London organized a promotion of the sport of table tennis, and to mark the two year countdown to the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, by putting a hundred table tennis tables all across London's landmarks, squares, shopping...

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Cross Fit Workout of the Day (WOD)

In Cross Fit lingo, the Workout of the Day is called a WOD. Everything has its acronyms. If you are new to Cross Fit, check out What is Cross Fit?. Also, If many or most of the exercises are relatively or completely unknown to you, then it is recommended that you...

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Change Your Brain, Change Your Body

Change Your Brain, Change Your Body is a new book written by Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D., who is a clinical neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and brain imaging expert. He supports the scientific evidence that introduced the concept that your mind has a very powerful influence...

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Boot Camp Fat Loss Plan – No Carbs after 3pm

Part of the Boot Camp regime is to write down what you eat & drink everyday. For Maximum Weight Loss, you should have No Carbohydrates after 3pm. Fat burning requires long periods of time with low blood sugar, so eating low-carb after 3pm gives your body this...

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Start your Fat Burning with a Real Food Detox

In order for your body to BURN FAT, you need to eliminate the toxins first with a Nutrient-Rich Whole Food Detox. You may be burning fat but if you haven’t done a detox you are not getting rid of the toxins that have built up in your body. The Secret to Eliminating...

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Martina Navratilova’s Book: “Shape Your Self”

I recently took up tennis again after many years playing other sports. Playing competitively again has really inspired me to want to look and feel better all around. Tennis is certainly a sport you can play into your later years, some women at our club are well into...

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Older Women Must Exercise Every Day

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D. Can you explain why a study from The University of Sherbrooke in Canada showed that exercising three times a week improved insulin sensitivity in younger women but not in older women? (European Journal of Applied Physiology, October 2005) Insulin...

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Women, Get Stronger, Improve Your Deadlift

Unfortunately, the deadlift is used infrequently to build strength especially by women and rarely performed by most of the exercising public including many athletes. If you want to get stronger, improve your deadlift.  The deadlifts benefits are easily understood,...

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Book: The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth

Jonny Bowden, PhD, C.N.S. is a board-certified nutrition specialist and a nationally known expert on weight loss and nutrition and he has just written a new book on Healthy Foods called The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You...

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The Burn The Fat Inner Circle

The Burn The Fat Inner Circle Is Now Open And Accepting A Limited Number of Charter Members! Join Thousands of Men And Women From All 4 Corners Of The World Who Have "Burned The Fat" And Completely Transformed Their Bodies, Permanently, Safely And Naturally... Join...

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Lee Austin from Gympie, Queensland. About to turn 49 and can honestly say lifting weights so far has given me awesome results. Yes nutrition is 70% but with dedication & commitment its all achievable. I am also currently studying to be a Personal trainer here in...

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"Weight training transformed my body. I've been recycling 30-40 lbs for most of my life by yo-yo dieting and exercising."  "Until recently, I have had size 14 clothes in my closet. Now I am a size 2-4. I never found something I could live with until now. I never made...

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Hi my name is Tina I just turned 47 in March and I'm a Mom, my boys are 24, 21, & 14. My fitness journey began about nine years ago when I started working out in my community gym. Even though I've never struggled with being "overweight," I was still self conscious...

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Rose Flower says: "Just wanted to share my transformation."  40 is the new 20! I started my journey in May 2013! So I'm going on 3 years this May! Hard work does pay off!" I started my in May 2013 because of my health my doctor told me in a nice way that I was obese...

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SUCCESS STORY Nancy Reinhardt

Nancy Reinhardt is a stay at home mom of 5 turned highly successful entrepreneur. Like many, she lived a fit athletic life in her teens and early twenties. Was a known aerobics instructor and trainer and from there was a successful health club manager. She chose to...

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Mary Dent, is 53. She is a mother of three, and a personal trainer.  Mary's advice to women over 50 that want a body like hers……. "Have a goal. It’s never too late to start working out. Get a medical clearance, especially if weight is an issue." "Next, they should...

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Joyce Bell - I am a 15yr cardiac nurse I barely exercised because I would become fatigued and hyperventilate with minimal stress I was introduced to a daily nutritional cleansing system that changed my life. With dedicated meal planning, exercise and rest. I went from...

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The before was in 2012 at age 39 and left is me now at age 42!! Removed 65 pounds and have kept it off for 2.5 years!   SEE MORE SUCCESS STORIES >>

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