“Weight training transformed my body. I’ve been recycling 30-40 lbs for most of my life by yo-yo dieting and exercising.” tracey-bicep-muscles

“Until recently, I have had size 14 clothes in my closet. Now I am a size 2-4. I never found something I could live with until now. I never made myself a priority on my to-do list until now. It’s been a year that I lost 45 lbs and maintaining this weight and I attribute my success to weight training and good nutrition. I lift as heavy as I can, so much that my third set has me barely being able to so 5-6 reps.

That is what I changed. I used to use pink and purple weights thinking high reps, low weight was the answer.

WRONG! And I still do cardio after I lift but I don’t do more than 30-45 minutes where before I would try for a minimum of an hour.”